Lettre d’une réalisatrice: Shenah

Écoutez-voir: Shenah, femme et réalisatrice

I am a cultural anthropologist and it is my hope to make people here
in Kurdistan understand our culture and other cultures and peoples and
respect and love them. We are all humans and we all have similar hopes
and dreams, regardless of what we believe, our skin color, where we
live and what we speak or the clothe we wear. I have returned here to
make little differences here and there, through teaching college
students and the young ones, as well as writing, making short films,
speaking and standing with the less fortunate who need someone to make
their voices heard.
I hope to help others who need my help and at the same time try to be
very active as a female. As a woman here in Kurdistan, one faces A LOT
of difficulties every day but you have to be strong and continue to be
active. Everyday someone tells you that is a man’s space, this is a
man’s job, you are a woman you should not be doing this, you are a
woman you should not be outside so late, you should not mix with these
boys and men. At home the worry about your safety and reputation, at
work they want to stop you from speaking up… the fight is endless
but I have decided to my work regardless of what others think. What
makes me happy is when I see other strong women who are doing exactly
what I am doing-that gives me energy to continue with them. I am very
optimistic and I know one day, things will change for the better.

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