Ali Saeed a participé à DoKu3 comme monteur; il revient avec un projet de réalisation: « Unknown Way », qui interroge l’opposition politique en Irak. Comment construire cette histoire ? Discussion avec David Gormezano.

Unknown Way

A documentary project by Ali Saeed

Motivation letter:
My motivation which make me to select this subject cause my old is 29 years, I didn’t see demonstrations and protests because most leader of Arab set in same chair 30 years or 40 years a like Moaamar Al Kadafi . This is a great event for us. But, there are one question rounding in my brain: is this demonstrations is healthy or naturally for us (Arab people)???

Subject: Unknown way
Characters : Protest , leader of protest , governor of Salah Din , press and blogger.
Sound : voice of protest and music.
Place: Salah Din » Tikrit » maybe  » Krukuk »
Time : at morning
One day, the group of internet named « Bloggers » call the all people of Irak that 25 of Feb. is first day demonstration and changement day. The place of demonstration is Al Tahrir Seq. at Baghdad.
In 25 Feb. was first word raised over the protest  » we would like change the régime (Malky). » And the policemen face the protests but they refused to stop.


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